When the Pen Runs Dry

The pen stops racing across the page, the words don’t flow, the paper looks extra empty. It’s happened to you, it’s happened to every writer. Do you know what I think about writers’ block? I love it. I was moaning while I was trying to write a first draft, and my brother said, “Pain breedsContinue reading “When the Pen Runs Dry”

Short, Petite, Small…

All of the main female characters I write are short! It’s funny how much it feels like I’m getting into someone else’s head when I write. I like writing in first person, and each character is completely different from myself! But, they’re short.  It’s hard to get out of certain mind sets, or out ofContinue reading “Short, Petite, Small…”


Characters are my favorite thing about writing! I’m a psychology major in school, and I love looking at how people think and the motivation behind their actions. Every story starts with a character. It starts with an idea about a person I’ve never met before. I think about how they feel in happy or stressfulContinue reading “Characters”