How did I do it? . . . Yesterday

It’s hard to believe I had appendicitis over and over and over again. That I had an enormous infection that was working at paralyzing my digestion over and over again. I came across this picture this morning from the release of “Anne” and so many thoughts came. I spent the week before laying around withContinue reading “How did I do it? . . . Yesterday”

When the Pen Runs Dry

The pen stops racing across the page, the words don’t flow, the paper looks extra empty. It’s happened to you, it’s happened to every writer. Do you know what I think about writers’ block? I love it. I was moaning while I was trying to write a first draft, and my brother said, “Pain breedsContinue reading “When the Pen Runs Dry”

When I was a kid . . .

Whenever I see an old photograph, I instantly wonder about the lives of the people in them. You see that little girl? What is she thinking about her baby sister? What kind of relationship will they have? Will this girl go to college? Will she realize her worth, or will it take a little longerContinue reading “When I was a kid . . .”


“I hope you never lose your sense of wonderYou get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger” I’ve always loved this song. It changes your life too never lose wonder. Life is amazing! “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the oceanWhenever one door closes I hope one more opensContinue reading “Dance”

Instagram Perfect

I’ve always been uncomfortable with the conversation around body positivity, and loving our bodies. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am an advocate for respecting, caring for, and yes, loving our bodies! But, I feel that the current way these things are talked about is not helping anybody. I’ve seen countless women postContinue reading “Instagram Perfect”

Short, Petite, Small…

All of the main female characters I write are short! It’s funny how much it feels like I’m getting into someone else’s head when I write. I like writing in first person, and each character is completely different from myself! But, they’re short.  It’s hard to get out of certain mind sets, or out ofContinue reading “Short, Petite, Small…”

People Are Amazing!

I am so amazed by the body’s ability to bounce back! Now, healing doesn’t quite feel like bouncing, but I know that I’m healing! And it’s amazing to feel and experience. Yesterday, I posted a short video on Instagram where I jumped into the screen and fell back on my bed, and stood back upContinue reading “People Are Amazing!”