When I was a kid . . .

Whenever I see an old photograph, I instantly wonder about the lives of the people in them.

You see that little girl? What is she thinking about her baby sister? What kind of relationship will they have? Will this girl go to college? Will she realize her worth, or will it take a little longer for her to figure all of that out?

I wonder about the people in old photos.

Do we think about the people we pass on the street? What are there stories? WHO are they?

Beyond the clothes, hair, eyes; who are these people?

I KNOW the little girl in the photo. I know what her life will be, at least until she’s 21 years, 9 months and 29 days old. That’s me. But I do wonder what the future holds.

Photo by Daria Obymaha on Pexels.com

I also wonder that for so many people I see and talk to.

When I think this way about other people, like I think about myself, my future, my story, I see so much more of who they really are.

I can’t see everything about them, but I feel so much connection, so much care for people I’ve only known for a moment. I think that can make my world better.

I think it can make yours better two! Try it.

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