Short, Petite, Small…

All of the main female characters I write are short! It’s funny how much it feels like I’m getting into someone else’s head when I write.

I like writing in first person, and each character is completely different from myself!

But, they’re short. 

It’s hard to get out of certain mind sets, or out of my own vocabulary, quirks, and habits. Or my own physicality!

I’m one of the smallest people you’ll ever meet. My work is to imagine! But I haven’t ever been able to imagine being on a different scale than I’ve been for my entire life.

I tried to force it once and ended up with a small, dark straight-haired girl who used to be a criminal.

She was still small.

I decided to except that my main characters are going to be a little small.

Where are my short friends? Leave a comment.

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