People Are Amazing!

I am so amazed by the body’s ability to bounce back!

Now, healing doesn’t quite feel like bouncing, but I know that I’m healing! And it’s amazing to feel and experience. Yesterday, I posted a short video on Instagram where I jumped into the screen and fell back on my bed, and stood back up fairly fast.

It was so much fun! And you know what? I did it! Before I got sick I wouldn’t have even considered the physical act of doing all of that. While I’ve been healing I’ve had to consider a ton of physical things! Back in February I would park outside the grocery store, turn the car off, and just sigh. Looking at the space between where I was in the car (even if I got a spot right by the handicap zone) was just too much. I wasn’t able to imagine making it from my car to that door.

Yesterday, I still thought about the action of falling and getting up again. It was a little slower in the video than I would have liked it to be, or how it would have been six months ago, but I did it!


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