Her Eyes on His Hand

I wrote this poem three years ago. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I was so nervous to submit it to a poetry contest, but it won! And was printed in Things Above Magazine in their October 2017 edition. Hope you enjoy it now!

Photo by Agnese Lunecka on Pexels.com

Her Eyes on His Hand

Her eyes on his hand,
The Golden Scepter there.
Life at its command,
As she draws ever near.
She fasted and prayed,
For strength more than her own.
Trusting in God's aid,
She was never alone.
Did her throat tighten?
Yes, I can see it now.
And her face whiten,
As she knelt down to bow?
Girl of years gone by,
And I, a girl of today.
Look up and rely,
On He who knows the way.
Does my throat grow tight?
Yes, I can feel it now.
But faith in God’s might,
Will see me through somehow.
So long have I prayed,
For strength more than my own.
Trusting in God’s aid,
I am never alone.
He is always there,
My true and constant friend.
He answers every prayer,
And guides me to the end.
My future, unknown,
Now I look forward too.
My courage has grown,
Doing all I must do.
My eyes on His hand,
All my faith resting there.
Life at His command,
As I draw ever near.

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