Writer’s Block

    Seriously! Most days, writer’s block couldn’t be any further from what I feel. I feel it today. So, I decided that if I couldn’t think of anything but writer’s block, I would write about that.

    Do you ever go to say something, but forget what it was the second you open your mouth? The words are on the tip of your tongue! You don’t know what they are, but they lay so heavily on your mind, you can’t think of anything else. That’s what writer’s block feels like. It can drive a person crazy! That’s why I start rambling when I have it, rambling in my book, or my journal, or to the people around me.

    The story is waiting for me, the characters ready to say and feel and do my bidding. I’m the one being waited on, to form the words that reveal those things to the world outside my imagination. I’m being waited on to unlock the next chapter in the lives of those characters.

    Even with all that hassle, I still feel that overcoming writer’s block far outweighs the trial of it. When the rambling transforms into heartfelt dialogue between two characters who are falling in love. When you forget it’s sunny outside because there’s a downpour at the castle a man is trying to find his way back to. When the conversation of the people in the room grows silent in the stillness of the sunrise a young girl stands watching on the last leg of her journey.

    That’s why I don’t mind sitting on the couch all evening, forming useless sentences that are eventually going to be edited out anyway. That’s why I don’t mind writing hundreds of words just to finally come to the point where I can make those moments come alive.

    If there wasn’t any challenge, the one great sentence would never mean what it does, the rain at the castle would not be so real, the dialogue not so heartfelt, and the peace of a sunset not so penetrating.

    Until next time, delight in the hurdle to inspiration!

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