What I Dream

Have you ever wanted something so badly, you felt it almost had to happen? Has it ever actually happened? I do! For years, I’ve wanted to go to different places around the world, to live there and experience different cultures. I want to do all sorts of things!

I haven’t gotten the chance to do many of them, but I still believe that dreams are so important! A lot of things we dream of doing, seeing, or becoming may not be realized. But, what if none of us ever hoped for something that seemed impossible to have? Would we ever do anything? If we didn’t dream of being successful in our chosen profession, dream of raising a good family, dream of where we want to go in life, would we ever have those things, or go anywhere? Or would we be stagnant, only doing what was neccessary to live from day-to-day.

That wouldn’t be any kind of life! At least, not the kind I’d be happy with!

It’s hard to have dreams sometimes, I know. Believe me, I know! It’s hard not to wish you don’t have the dreams you do! Sometimes, when they seem so unattainable, and yet you want them more than ever, it’s hard not to wish you’d never thought of wanting such a thing.

I’m a writer, I’m a dreamer. It may be easy to see that my career wouldn’t exsist without my dreams. But, neither would yours, or your neighbor’s, or your father’s, or your brother’s. Everything we create, or do, starts as a dream; something we imagine, or want. And amazing things happen when we take a step, and just go for it.

Until next time, go for your dreams!

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