“What is it like to be a writer?” People sometimes ask me. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just life. Being a writer is my work, my hobby, my fun, my frustration, and my enjoyment. Of course, I have other things that are my hobbies, frustrations, enjoyments, etc. But, writing is also all of these things. It can be hard, but I love it!

My favorite place to write is sitting up in bed, or on the couch with my feet up and a notebook in my lap. But, when I have paper on my lap and a pen in hand aren’t the only times I write. I’m writing whenever I think about a character in the middle of the day, whenever someone around me says something a certain way and I want to jump up and say, “That’s exactly how this character would have reacted to that!”

I think it’s said best in this single line from one of my favorite TV shows! Dick Van Dyke, in the Dick Van Dyke Show says, “The hardest writing is in the shower.”

That’s what it’s like to be a writer. You think about people, places, and times. Everyday, you think about how saying something this way or that way will come across to people you’ve never met. You wonder about what it looks like for someone to be frustrated, or overjoyed. Not only how it looks, but what combination of actions, words, and punctuation will make a complete stranger who is reading that sentence feel a tiny part of that emotion in themselves.

Sometimes I write while taking a walk, or enjoying a plate of warm cookies.

That’s what it’s like to be a writer, it’s everything! Entire lives take place within the pages of novels, and the writer lived through every moment described.

Until next time, enjoy the books that authors lived for!

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