New Roads

      Life is full of twists and unexpected curves. You get a cold the night before you were supposed to sing in a recital, you win a scholarship, you go on your dream vacation, or maybe you find yourself moving thousands of miles away from home.

     This week held some surprises for me, as I left my home to move to the dry, hilly American west.

    I’ll be twenty in a few weeks. I could have thought that would make it easier, or I would somehow be “better” at leaving home. But new experiences are new, no matter what age we have them.

     Now I’m living with my brother and his wife, and being a nanny to my beautiful niece.

    It’s all so new! I’m not with my parents anymore, I’m learning to live in a new place with its own culture from the city I grew up in, and I haven’t lived in the same house with a two-year-old since I was six. All of this came at me faster than I could have imagined. It’s been hard to transition, but so much fun!

     Sometimes, the knew independence feels overwhelming, but I can still talk to my family every day, this new place is breathtaking, and my niece is the sweetest little girl. All these things don’t come without the price of getting used to the hard things, but they are worth it!

     A year, or two, or maybe three from now, the hard things will be over, and the amazing things will have been a part of my life. I’m nervous sometimes, but so excited for the months ahead!

    Until next time, let’s all keep going!

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