Characters are my favorite thing about writing! I’m a psychology major in school, and I love looking at how people think and the motivation behind their actions.

Every story starts with a character. It starts with an idea about a person I’ve never met before. I think about how they feel in happy or stressful situations, what facial expressions they make when they’re surprised, how they communicate with the people around them, and how they want to be treated by others.

As the story progresses, I get to know the person I’ve just “met.” I learn what they look like when they’re pleased with what’s happening, a nervous habit they have, or how they walk across a room.

Each character is different from the others, sometimes in ways I don’t even realize! My sister just told me this morning that a supporting character was more energetic and verbal than the main character of my story. I never even realized that before.

Characters are the only reason I write. People are what makes life the way it is, and they can make it so interesting!

Until next time!

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